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Tree Surgery
Trees can grow in many varied and unique situations. Our team is capable of dealing with whatever challenge is presented to us.  Some of the more common techniques for dealing with them are explained below.







The act of cutting down a tree. When done in a controlled manner a tree can be felled without compromising the safety of the surrounding area.


Often a tree is in an awkward position, usually with a green house or oil tank below and needs to be removed. This is achieved gradually using lowering ropes or controlled throws to land the branches safely on the floor

Dead Wooding

Throughout the life cycle of a tree it is quite common for some branches to die. If left, dead branches can become unstable. The removal of dead wood from a tree improves the safety of the tree and can often enhance its appearance.

Crown Thinning

By working through the inside of the canopy, branches can be removed selectively, this will increase air flow and light penetration through the tree.

Crown Reduction

Trees are sometimes too big for their location and need to be made a bit smaller. By working around the outside edges of the canopy branches can be removed to make the tree smaller.

Crown Raising

The bottom few layers of branches can be removed, very useful for increasing head height under a tree.


Often used on street trees. Stripping all the branches off to reveal the skeletal structure of the tree, if done regularly it is possible to maintain the size and shape of a tree. Not suitable for all types of tree.

Stump Grinding

Using our range of stump grinding machinery stumps can be completely removed to a depth of approximately 30cm.

Clearing Up

We believe it is very important to tidy up at the end of the job. We will take away and dispose of all waste produced and as much as possible will be recycled either as wood-chips or logs.

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